Sentimental…who me?

TattooSo my new tattoo is finished and I am more than pleased with it.   TD did the work and it is absolutely superb, message me if you are in Frankfurt and want a tattoo..I will give you TDs details, you can’t go wrong.

The thing about tattoos, at least for me, is that they need to mean something.   You have to be prepared to wear whatever design you choose…well…for the rest of your life (laser removal not withstanding).

I must confess that my first tattoo wasn’t particularly sentimental, but was something I was willing to wear for the rest of my days as it encompasses two things that are fairly synonymous with me these days, Liverpool Football Club and a wolf.   My new tattoo, however, is full of sentiment (and wolves)

The Wolf thing has really geeky overtones, I wasn’t raised by wolves…nor do I consider myself to be a re-incarnated wolf or try to live like one etc…none of that.   Many years ago, I was a more traditional geek…involved in online chatrooms and communities, gaming as much as dial-up would allow.   Even back then, it was almost impossible to conjur up a unique and recognisable I came up with PureStress.   I wasn’t particularly stressed at the time, but it worked for me.   The only problem it had was that I would constantly get messaged to ask why I was stressed out.

People didn’t appreciate the paradox when I blamed being constantly asked what my name means, which left me with one option.   A public renaming.   I dropped into my fave chatroom of the time and announced my decision.   Once all the abusive ones were filtered out, there were some good ones.   I liked LoneWolf for an equally geeky reason (Those “Do you want to run? (turn to page 11) or fight? (turn to page 55) or look up her skirt? (put the book down you perv!)” books), so I went with it.   Then I discovered that I would be LoneWolf8856834 on everything I signed up to and glued Pure to the front of it.

PureLoneWolf was born…and lo, I was the only one around.   I renamed my old jokes site to the LaughingWolf, created WolfLAN LAN Parties and everything else online relating to me became wolf’esque.   It sort of clicked with me in a number of ways…I am incredibly protective of my family and friends, but can go it alone for long periods (and occasionally prefer that).   Fast forward to my first tattoo and, having been referred to as a wolf for so long, it seemed only right to get a wolf stuck to my arm.   Over the years the wolf thing has become more and more significant and recognisable to those around me, gifts would be wolf related (Native American dreamcatchers, fleece blankets etc).

As all of my children live in the UK and I am here in Frankfurt, I wanted to get something done that would be representative of the kids and would let them know that I am always thinking of them.   I had been talking to TD for almost a year about the idea, and I finally got off my arse a month or so ago and went to see him.   The following day he started it.

Oh..I must tell you…when I was in for the first session a couple of giggly ladies walked in to the piercing section of the tattoo parlour.   They were confident and excited and were speaking in quite animated tones to the piercing guy.   I was lying on my stomach at this point and trying to ignore the discomfort happening to my back, so I didn’t really get what they were talking about.   A few seconds later, I notice that the screen has been pulled around the piercing station…”Aye aye”, thinks I..breasts or clit.   2 minutes later there is what can only be described as a yelp from behind the screen and the laughs fade.   Unfortunately I didn’t see them walk away, but CW assures me that one of the two ladies was walking rather gingerly away…. I hope it was worth it love, I really do.

Anyway, the tattoo is basically a male wolf surrounded by his four cubs.   They are sat in front of a tree (not representative of anyone) and the tree goes over my shoulder where the branches lead into a tribal wolf on my left arm.

Yes the tree looks sore in this picture…it had been finished about 10 minutes prior to the picture being taken.   It will fade slightly over the next week or so and look more natural with the wolves.   Also, no, despite the freckles on my back..I am not a ginger.   Oh, and the browny/red on the wolves is supposed to be there…like the eyes, I think it makes the tattoo stand out.   TD really does do amazing work.

Tattoo for the kids

From top left:   Me, Brandon-Lee and Zak
From bottom left:   Ellen, Ethan
Top:   A tree

I love it.   CW loves it and I know the kids will too – That’s all that counts

Back once again…

Just recieved another Facebook group invitation…for the renegade master (apologies for the terrible 80’s song reference).

Ok, ok, it’s been a while…I know this, you know this…and yet I write it anyway.

So what has been happening in the land of the Laughing Wolf?   Well..I am officially now bumming around Frankfurt as I am out of work.   It’s not as bad as I thought it might be at first and it is giving me a chance to recharge and more importantly….reflect.

I am giving serious consideration to an out and out break from IT…provided I can support myself and my kids.   I have been under unbelievable stress for the last two years, and am not entirely sure that I want that for myself anymore.   The only problem is living in Germany..once they get your CV at the unemployment place, they pretty much will only consider you for positions that you are skilled for.   Not too much of a problem in normal circumstances and certainly better than being sent to apply for a job as an underwater basket weaver or something when you are in the UK.

Admittedly, I am now being forced into some serious belt tightening exercises..something I have always allowed my ample girth to stop me from doing up until now ;-)

Now onto rant mode….Facebook.

At what point do we think that you can update too much?   Could it be when you feel the need to wish Happy Birthday to your 2 year old.   Not announcing that it is the birthday of your 2 year old, I can kind of understand that…especially if you are horrendously busy trying to prepare a party etc…but actually wishing Happy Birthday to him.   I mean, does he have an active Facebook profile?   If he does then you are raising one ignorant super-genius kid…they didn’t even say thanks.

That said, you did manage to achieve a relatively high number of “Dickhead likes this” thumbs ups though…way to go!   Are we really saying that these people like the fact that your child has managed to get to the age of 2?   Do they doubt your parenting so much that they feel they should celebrate when anything you have to rear   lasts more than 2 weeks….sure you can’t seem to even keep a cactus alive more than 5 minutes and your back garden is what Steven King based Pet Sematary on, but still….feed them, change them, play with them, make sure they go to school (eventually…especially if you don’t want to end up in jail) and you can’t go wrong really..

It gets right on my tits….people will facebook or twitter every time they or some snot nosed relative manages to wipe their own arse unaided, like it’s a bloody masters graduation ceremony or something.

It’s almost as bad as joining a group, where the criteria for doing so seems to lie entirely with making sure that the group is exactly the sort of group that people on your friends list think you should be joining.   We will ignore the fact that 99% of these groups have absolutely zero affiliation outside of Facebook itself, so they are all just pat yourself on the back self-sanctimonious coffee house smoke filled crap.   You would be aswell to forward on those fucking chain emails that insist that Microsoft will donate ?2,000,000 to the Society for Anaemic Grasshopper-Legged Lesser Spotted Wombat Conjuctivitis Research Center in Botswana, for every message forwarded.

Yeah, let’s make a group to protect the <INSERT PERSON AND/OR GROUP> of <INSERT LOCATION> from <INSERT TRAVESTY HERE> because a group of lifeless, friendless tossers who have stopped leaving the house for anything less than mini kievs can succeed where the police and/or government fucking couldn’t…you care..we get it…we do honestly.

If you do follow this notion and decide that joining these groups is really your thing….please don’t expect me to join, or even be grateful for, the 20 or so a day that you spam me with.   It doesn’t make me care less…it really doesn’t.   Let’s be honest, if I have managed to spurn the advances of the combined might of Viagra/Cialis and any number of tempting weightloss and penis enlargement patches…you can imagine how little chance groups, with titles and descriptions WRITTEN ENTIRELY IN CAPS or with teribal missspelingz everwere, stand.

Hmm that felt good….maybe I should get back into this blogging malarky properly

This rant brought to you by an LW idea :-)   Cheers matey, I look forward to destroying Frankfurt with you in a few weeks

The Shrooms

I realise that I haven’t been blogging much recently and based on past posts you may have (quite rightly) put this down to my relationship with CW keeping me busy.   On top of that, we have been creating a webcomic which went online the other day.

Based on characters that CW has been doodling for years and my somewhat dodgy sense of humour…We bring you “The Shrooms“.   Right now we are trying to release a comic strip every day, but this will probably move to a weekly release after a while.

Hope you enjoy it…here’s a sampler…

A bit busy

oh, and normal blogging service will resume here soon :-)