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****WARNING: The following post contains information of a geeky nature and may not be suitable for small animals adults children bits of fluff non-geeks****

When I moved into what I am now able to term my “extended holiday”, I made the decision to move my home sytems across to linux.   I have had occasional hassles and interesting challenges in getting used to things.   I started helping people out on forums in an effort to increase my own knowledge and pass on what I have learned.   6 months down the line and I am pretty much convinced with it.   I like it, when it is working it is as good as anything else….better in most cases.

Also, I appear to have been very lucky with Ubuntu.   I don’t seem to get the issues that people all over their forums get.   Things just seem to work for me.   I am still waiting for the nightmarish catastrophe to hit.   So that’s not it.   My dual monitor setup (whilst good) has never quite worked how I want it to under Ubuntu, but I have got used to it and am generally happy with it.   So that’s not it.

The problem is, I miss certain things…certain applications that, no matter how hard I try, I have not managed to suitably replace.   I suspect that I will be moving back to *Cue scary pre-shock statement music* Windows.

I know, I know, not exactly the post of Laughing Wolf normalcy, but nevertheless…

The question is, do I go Windows 7 or Windows XP?

All logic and what passes for my intelligence suggests I should go back to XP – but recent messing around shows me that Windows 7 is actually pretty good, and in fact seems to be what Vista should have been.   That said, I have never moved to an MS operating system until it has reached Service Pack 2 stage and I am not sure it is wise to start now.   Dual booting is out…I can never be arsed to setup two operating sytems into a state I am happy with, so the 2nd one is left alone and ends up just taking up hard disk space…

The other issue…can I get used to a menu system written by Fisher Price and icons that require me to strap binoculars to my head (backwards)..just to make them a reasonable size?

Hmm – CW is off out on Saturday, so I guess I will go for it….and leave the fate of my system in the hands of “which disc will I randomly pickup first”.

Oh please god don’t make it Mac OS (DS…that’s for you ;-) )

Anyhoo, onto other matters.

Do I follow the lead of “the very bad man” and refuse to give my new colleagues my Facebook details…or do I continue my normal method of Facebook whoring?     In fairness, he has some slightly dodgy pictures on his…and mine consist of mainly normal pics of me with various women and in varying states of inebriation.

I think I have the safer option here, if I am completely honest.   That said, I do have links to this blog on there….and I am not entirely sure that I want them reading it…just yet anyway ;-)

Same with Twitter…although that is as harmless as it is useless really….so I don’t see any issue there.

I already introduced them to CW at an impromptu get together last night and discovered that they really are a great bunch here…I think I can safely say that I am going to enjoy working here.   It’s not bad to be able to say that with absolute certainty, after only 3 (well, and a half) days in a place.   So different to my last place.

Good times.

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