Super Thumb ™

Me as a Thumb (Nude)
Photo by Conekt
The fighters back off, eyeing one another cautiously..waiting for each other to make the first move.   Somewhere, in the background, cries of encouragement for either fighter can be heard.

The tension increases, a bead of sweat trickles down the forehead…slowly, the American edges forward..tensed like a tiger, waiting to pounce on the slightest movement.   The Chinese fighter makes his move…..moving, spinning kicks at mind boggling speed… so the American waits, waits for the perfect moment to arrive, he ducks under the oncoming kick   and with a swift turn to face his opponent once more..only one sound can be heard


That’s right, Super Thumb ™ is victorious once more.   Taking on all challengers and with the ability to swell to 3 times his normal size… Super Thumb ™’s Street Fighter 4 skills no absolutely no bounds.   This skill comes at no small price though, his transformation from mere skilled player to Super Thumb ™ takes patience, concentration and no small amount of pain.

That’s right, I have been playing SF4 recently…not only that, I have been playing against CW…who has taken to it like a web footed flying creature to a large abundance of H2 and indeed O.   So much so that Super Thumb ™ may have bitten off more than he can chew…and indeed have found his arch villain nemesis.

CW, or “Spinny Spinny Girl ™” has never played this type of game before…so the inevitable ass-kicking was summarily handed out by my good self the other day.   The next day, however, was a slightly different barrel of spanners.   The ratio of ass kickings, delivered to recieved, got considerably closer after 1 day… are my skills waining ladies and gentlemen?

Probably, although I thank you for thinking it, as it suggests that I had skills to lose in the first place.   So yes, when tonight rolls around, I fully expect to be getting my arse kicked….repeatedly.   I have to ask myself a number of questions though…

Am I too old?

Quite possibly…they say you are as old as you feel…but by my reckoning, with all the aches and pains I seem to get…I don’t want that to be the case.   I don’t think you are ever too hold to have a laugh.

Am I just crap at fighting games these days?

These days??   My my, how the rose tinted glasses of the past seem to be snugly upon your face dear Dave….you were never that good to begin with.

Is it considered petty to tamper with CWs controller to swing things my way?

Probably…it shouldn’t be…but it probably is – Damnit!

Am I above doing it?
Probably not…I should be…but I am probably not – Arse!

Can she be distracted in some way?
That’s more likely…but there again…with my potentially lifeless pixellated body on-screen…a team of wild horses couldn’t get her to look away.   It’s the evil chuckling that gets to me…it really does

When exactly are they going to take gullible out of the dictionary?
Ok, so not necessarily relevant, but I heard it from a reliable source some years ago and, with each new revision of the dictionary, it’s still there…

All things considered, I will take the beating like a man…an emasculated girly man, but a man nonetheless…then I will have my revenge by installing Soldier of Fortune 2…muahahahahahaahahaaaaaaa

Well…at least until she beats me at that too


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