Not entirely unexpected

Internet in UgandaSo…as predicted, I am not on the internet at home.  Well, not properly at least.

I had decided to move from one company to another to get a faster connection and also to get the installation done quicker.  This meant switching from DSL to Cable…the apartment block already has cable to it, so I figured it would be pretty straightforward.  An engineer was booked for last Tuesday from between 9am and 12pm…which I figured was optimistic at best, and fully expected to have to spend the day waiting in an empty apartment for this guy.

At about 9.15am, the engineer comes to the apartment to inform me that the current cable provider to the building (who don’t provide internet…) don’t allow his company to use their cabling.

Bastards, thinks I…I knew something like this would happen.  Still, there are plenty of DSL providers out there, so I decide to have a look around for the best deal.

I stumble across a provider who then tells me I can get 50mb VDSL installed within 2 weeks and they will give me a surfstick so that I can at least be online in the meantime.

Unfortunately, the surfstick seems to be as useful as me writing down the machine code and hand delivering it to every computer on the internet…but meh, tomorrow is the day that the engineer will undoubtedly not turn up…and then insist that I was not home.

So..fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Also…does anyone know if medical science has progressed enough to have a full throat transplant yet?

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