Festival Fun


So today is the day.  We are heading to M’era Luna.  This is a German Goth Rock music festival in Hildesheim.

This seems like a bit of a move away from my usual music indulgences (Heavy Metal, zero festivals), but over the last few years or so, I have been getting into some of the music along with Charlotte (who is a huge fan).

So naturally, after listening to the music and going to a club a handful of times, I am totally ready for a weekend festival.

Sure, there are a lot of bands that I don’t know…but that’s part of the fun right.  Unfortunately NightWish will also be there…which is a shame.  db0 tried to get me into them many years ago…I think it was the fastest I have ever reached for the delete button on my PC in history (Opera Metal..I mean, seriously).

There are definitely bands that I don’t know but damn sure want to find out about such as Merciful Nuns and Total Body Control (tell me you aren’t intrigued) and, of course, Tying Tiffany (which I am not sure if this is a band or some form of performance art).  Sure, I could have looked on YouTube, but why remove my sense of wonder.

If all else fails, ASP are there (who I love) and Rob Zombie (who I at least know).  It should be a fun weekend..which I intend to vlog, assuming I am not struck dumb by what I am seeing of course :)

Check out the M’era Luna 2015 trailer below and, if you are going, look for the terrified Englishman..and then gently lead him to the nearest beer tent.