About Me

Me...no really

Name:  Dave
Location: Frankfurt, Germany, Europe (Where the history comes from)
Occupation:  Former Fat Bastard, Current Idiot

I have lived a nomadic existence, thanks to my dad being in the British Armed Forces.  I like to think of myself as widely traveled – Most people just think of me as wide….. Although not anymore, due to considerable weight loss on my part.  Almost 30 kilos lost and I am less Panda like these days..

I hold the distinction of looking like Uncle Fester (or formerly a shaved Panda) but have the ability to perform a standing kick to around 6 foot 2 inches :-), so I rarely get told either of those things

I love all things comedic, am referred to as an Ubergeek by people that don’t know me very well.

I watch too many American TV shows, have a unbelievably large…..DVD collection.

I have 4 amazing kids, Ellen, Ethan, Zak and Brandon-Lee.

Oh, and for the ladies – I have size 13 (UK) feet, and you know what they say about men with big feet right?  That’s it, you got it…..big socks

Recently, I started to Stream over on Twitch and also started to upload videos to YouTube.

I am also pretty active on Twitter and Facebook these days.

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