wolflanSo…whatever happened to WolfLAN LAN Parties?

Well, we had planned to resurrect it back in late 2013.   I had allowed the name to be used by a friend and, I couldn’t live with the direction it seemed to be heading, so I took the name back with the, very real, intention of starting it back up again.

We had purchased equipment, were starting to look at venues (both in the UK and in Germany) and everything was heading in the right direction.  Then, just after some of the equipment had started arriving, I had the amazing idea to buy a cake shop in Frankfurt.  I honestly thought I would be able to do both…not considering the 16 hours per day, 6 days a week schedule that I would have to maintain to keep the shop filled with cakes.

Something had to give and, unfortunately, WolfLAN was that thing.

Now, I am not saying that it won’t ever come back.  Thanks to a serious ankle problem I was forced to close the shop and am back in IT and back gaming again…there is a possibility that WolfLAN will once more be a thing.

I don’t know when that might take place, but I will never close the door completely on it.

In the meantime, why not join our little community here and game with us online.  Let’s face it, the sleeping arrangements are better and you can have a bath if you want to  :-D